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Aeronautica Landing

Charlotte, NC

Client: Cedar Fair

Project Description

As the centerpiece of their 50th anniversary celebration, Carowinds introduced Aeronautica Landing, a new aviation-themed area of the popular Carolinas theme park. The attraction’s owner, Cedar Fair, sought to revitalize a forgotten section of the park with an addition that was upscale, stylish, and modern with a hint of nostalgia, all while serving as a “tribute to the Carolinas’ spirit of invention, exploration, and aviation.” With a proven track record of creating world-class themed environments, A&ES was chosen to bring these concepts to life and provide full design/build services from imagination to fabrication and install.


Embracing Cedar Fair’s vision, the A&ES team used authentic, high-quality materials and striking visuals to craft a well-balanced guest experience. Each area was carefully designed to be unique yet fit with the client’s overall mission and commemorate the region’s rich history of aviation. Highlights include: an eye-catching entrance portal constructed with a blend of current and vintage aircraft parts, the stunning Terminal A Bar offering “elevated brews and bites”, a refurbished bumper car attraction featuring exciting visuals and bursting with energy, four heart-stopping new rides complete with theming and signage, and a reimagined midway that cleverly invites guests to try their luck at several games of skill.


From thrilling rides and attractions to themed dining and carnival games, Aeronautica Landing is an elevated theme park experience where guests can fully immerse themselves in the past, present, and future of flight. As IAAPA’s Michael Costello put it, “the ingenuity and creativity of what Cedar Fair accomplishes with the Aeronautica Landing makeover can offer the global attractions industry insight to what can be done with existing facilities to keep them fresh, relevant, and marketable for repeat visitation.”

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