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Atlantis Petals 8.jpg

Atlantis: Power Tower Petals

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Client: Atlantis Paradise Island

Project Description

When Atlantis Paradise Island wanted to add a bit of flair to their waterpark’s grand centerpiece, they turned to the innovative team at A&ES to create something iconic. In conjunction with Lenz Innovation & Industrial Company, A&ES successfully devised a plan to anchor stunning architectural flower petals to the waterpark’s main structure, the 120 ft. tall Power Tower.

A&ES designed, fabricated, and installed a total of 24 metal flower sculptures atop the main structure. These 20 ft. tall rolled and welded steel elements, were built precisely to frame a molded, translucent fiberglass petal and specially finished to withstand years in a harsh and unrelenting island environment. A&ES is thrilled to have been a part of this project and honored to have helped give the Power Tower its now recognizable and well-known look.

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