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Bass Pro-Bait Sculpture 3.JPG

Bass Pro Shops: Bait Ball Sculpture

Colorado Springs, CO

Client: Bass Pro Shops

Project Description

When Bass Pro Shops set their sights on something unique for its Colorado Springs location, they turned to the creative experts at A&ES to make it happen. The result of this collaboration was the attention-grabbing Bait Ball Sculpture, an impressive kinetic installation depicting a school of frantically swimming bait fish. The incredibly realistic custom piece, securely mounted to the retail store’s ceiling, delights customers of all ages as they browse and shop.

A&ES extensively researched the bait ball phenomenon, which occurs when small schooling fish swarm in a tightly packed, ever-changing sphere around a common center point. This is often a last resort defensive measure adopted by bait fish to appear larger and ward off potential predators.

Armed with this knowledge, A&ES devised a plan on how to engineer this one-of-a-kind project. The ball’s central core, fabricated with fiberglass over a sturdy steel armature, houses an internal motor which drives the continuous spinning motion. The feeder fish are cast in resin, individually hand-painted and attached to the core with metal rods. The resulting rotating installation, weighing approximately 350 pounds, serves as the centerpiece of a dynamic underwater scene and makes for a truly memorable retail experience.

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