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LEGO Deep Sea_8.jpg

LEGO® City: Deep Sea Adventure

Carlsbad, CA

Client: Merlin Entertainments

Project Description

The A&ES team joined forces with Merlin Entertainments to design, fabricate and install LEGO® CITY: Deep Sea Adventure, a world-class interactive attraction located at LEGOLAND® California Resort.


As guests approach the area, they are amazed by the fully-themed, life-sized LEGO® Ocean Command Center, designed after the LEGO® City: Deep Sea Adventure line of toys. The structure is made complete with LEGO® minifigures, a submarine, helicopter, and various sea creatures, all modeled after the actual LEGO® builds.


Once inside the main space, explorers board a LEGO® submarine and head beneath the water as they embark on a thrilling hunt for hidden LEGO® treasure that has been lost at sea. Guests follow the interactive treasure map through the ride, where they encounter countless A&ES fabricated LEGO® pieces, such as the broken ship mast, crow’s nest, ship’s steering wheel assembly, dive cages, treasure chests, overturned barrels, gold coins, jewels, chains and anchors. The experience concludes at the retail store where guests can design and build LEGO® ocean creatures and watch as their interactive digital brick creations are released back into the deep sea on a giant interactive wall of water.

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