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LEGO Friends Heartlake City 1.jpg

LEGO® Friends: Heartlake City

Winter Haven, FL

Client: Merlin Entertainments

Project Description

The Heartlake City expansion to LEGOLAND® Florida Resort is a truly immersive experience. Boasting several themed environments, larger-than-life LEGO® bricks, and brick models designed around the interactive LEGO® play experience for children and families, Heartlake City is a modern new metropolis. Home to LEGO®’s five most famous friends – Mia, Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie, and Emma, the new area features residential, downtown, and waterfront areas. It includes a shopping mall, candy store, ice cream parlor, horse stables, clubhouse, entertainment venues, and more.


A&ES once again welcomed the partnership with Merlin Entertainments to develop the new Heartlake City at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort. This project includes two Heartlake City portals complete with authentic signage, and LEGO® brick-built animals for the attraction’s two public entrances, which both utilize fiber-reinforced plastic with structural steel support.

A&ES also brings the Heartlake Streetscape to life with new multimedia signs as well as wayfinding signage throughout to direct visitors to the Shopping Mall, Candy Store, and Ice Cream Parlor. The A&ES team brought the unique skills to create three large functional one-of-a-kind candy dispensers featured at the Candy Store. The decorative planter boxes, palm trees, and lanterns enhance the new storefronts with their meticulous execution.


The interactive Heartlake City Newsroom includes the unique interior and exterior along with the superior construction of Stephanie’s convertible seen parked in her reserved parking space.  Based on a laser scan of Stephanie’s actual convertible toy, A&ES created a 3D model in order to provide every detail. The A&ES design and build team incorporated added structure and support into the convertible’s construction to ensure child safety during test drives. A scrolling LED displays the headlines, while Stephanie’s news desk and 3D backdrops complete the newsroom scene.

The Heartlake City Stables are home to Mia’s Riding Camp and a big focal point of the attraction. A&ES fabricated the 3D hay loft entrance portal, the sizeable stable façade panels, flags, poles, and two 3D LEGO® horses with sound effects. The unique Brick Build Table combines farmyard tools, stable equipment, vegetable cart, barrels, and water trough, with LEGO® brick building stations.


The LEGO® Friends Rescue Stage is a multi-level metal truss-built stage platform and includes a LEGO® themed backdrop. This show venue hosts a 27 ft. x 40 ft. LEGO®-themed building façade, including a 15 ft. LEGO® parapet wall with functional LEGO® clock, two LEGO® metal lamp posts, and a 3D LEGO® Friends clubhouse sign and themed backdrop. A&ES is proud to have helped bring Heartlake City to LEGOLAND® Florida Resort.

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