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Pirate Island Header.jpg

LEGOLAND® Pirate Island Hotel

Winter Haven, FL

Client: Merlin Entertainments

Project Description

LEGOLAND® Florida Resort became a go-to family destination with the recent addition of the Pirate Island Hotel. This new hotel comes complete with a fabricated backstory: once occupied by imperial solders, the hotel is now a battle-ravaged fort full of cannonball holes and home to some pesky pirates. A&ES's skilled team of designers and fabricators were tasked with providing the elements that put hotel guests in the midst of this fun pirate adventure!

A&ES fabricated and installed all of theming required to successfully bring this story to life. The hand-painted exterior facade was meticulously designed to reflect its invented history as an imperial village fallen into disrepair. A giant shipwrecked LEGO® vessel sits in the main entry way, with it's iconic red and white sails and dueling life-sized LEGO® characters, amidst an attack from the monstrous Kraken. Other notable features include: the main hotel entry portal made to look as if it was salvaged from a shipwreck, LEGO® cannons perched on the hotel that fire on the hour, colorful wall graphics, and interactive elements hidden throughout the hotel that guests can seek out and experience. Each element, no matter how small, was carefully designed to tell a story and envelope guests in the world of LEGO® pirates. At Pirate Island Hotel, awe-inspiring sights and flawless story-telling combine with classic LEGO® magic to make for a truly unforgettable family adventure.

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