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Duplo Valley 1.jpg


Winter Haven, FL

Client: Merlin Entertainments

Project Description

All aboard the DUPLO Valley express, where A&ES executed the fabrication and production of the magical themed environments for another Merlin Entertainments' high profile visitor attraction, LEGOLAND® Duplo Valley in Winter Haven, FL. The DUPLO Valley attraction consists of themed environments centered around the LEGO® DUPLO concept, including DUPLO Farm, DUPLO Train, DUPLO Splash & Play, and DUPLO Tot Spot. The variety of larger-than-life LEGO® building sets and blocks for stylized animals, plants, figures, and building structures is nothing short of phenomenal.


A&ES’s innovative, creative team was instrumental in bringing this phenomenal project to life. A&ES extended its expertise to LEGOLAND® Florida Resort, creating an engaging and child-friendly attraction. The A&ES creative team provided the scanning, 3D modeling, and production files for the pre-production workflow. The A&ES design team then integrated that workflow into the precision fabrication and production schedule of the individual scenic elements, including 3D CNC sculpting, metal fabrication, fiberglass reinforced plastics, compositing surfaces, and certified finish treatments with the Mathews Paint System.

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