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Multi-Challenge Activity Center

Memphis, TN

Client: Salvation Army/Kroc Foundation

Project Description

In 2003, Joan Kroc gave The Salvation Army $1.5 billion of matching funds for the construction of community centers across the United States. After undergoing a rigorous application and selection process, Memphis became eligible to receive a matching gift from the Kroc Trust in 2005 and The Ray & Joan Kroc Community Center was constructed and has since become a recreation, education, worship and arts center of Memphis.

The A&ES production team fabricated all the themed interiors and custom scenic elements inside the 100,000 square foot, multi-level building. Each room features themed architectural millwork and facades, sculptures, lighting effects, interactives, faux finsihes and large-format printed graphics. With years of experience in amusement park and themed attraction design, our
talented team of production artists and craftsmen seamlessly navigated through the highly complex and lengthy design/build process to create a one-of-a-kind space.

The Kroc Center has become a safe, caring and exciting place in the community where residents of all ages, races, educational backgrounds and economic means can come together to learn, grow, and explore their potential.

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