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Healing Garden_1.jpg

Nicklaus Children's Hospital
Healing Garden

Miami, FL

Client: Merlin Entertainments

Project Description

A&ES is honored to have been a part of the team that brought a truly special environment to life in downtown Miami, FL. The Healing Garden is a magical space at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, promoting healing and comfort for young patients and their families. Surrounded by tranquil nature elements in a healing environment, a child benefits physically, mentally, educationally, and emotionally.


The senses awake each morning by sounds of rustling leaves from tall bamboo trees. An open wood deck area comes alive as children get together for healthy play and interaction every afternoon. They explore the various textures of materials and vegetation—from the climbing vines on the trellis wall to the soft, manicured topiaries of friendly forest animals. Themed architectural elements and live courtyard plant walls create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces amid colorful chameleons, giant green Monstera leaves, bamboo forests, and sculptural plant life.


The experience changes in the evening, as the galaxy’s visual wonder projects onto an overhead canopy. A secluded waterfall’s gentle sound creates a soothing sensation, as a striking illuminated waterfall digitally projects onto a 50-foot façade. A five-story montage of tall trees

illuminated by down lighting is a favorite among parents, children, and staff members. Tree canopies and suspended fabric sails allow for solitude under the starry heavens and create a restful oasis. A happy destination for children and families during long treatment sessions, the rooftop Healing Garden is a small piece of paradise in downtown Miami.

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