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Pirates Cove Galleon 8.jpg

Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf

Orlando, FL

Client: Pirate's Cove

Project Description

When Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf needed an eye-catching centerpiece for its Orlando location, they turned to the innovative team at A&ES to create something unique. In conjunction with the client, A&ES designed the perfect icon for a pirate-themed adventure, a 56 ft. long and 41 ft. tall pirate ship!

A&ES took on the design, build, engineering and install of the structure, which was modeled after a highly ornamental and heavily gunned 17th century Spanish Galleon. The vessel features highly detailed custom ornamentation, faux texturing, authentic-looking props and even audiovisual and lighting effects. Not only did this structure have to look like a real buccaneer ship, but it was also a functioning part of the golf course, as players would be putting on its deck. A&ES’s craftsmanship and attention to detail is on full display with this structure and eventually helped this course become voted the “Best in Florida” by Orlando Magazine.

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